See it. Report it. Spend it.

Give us information that leads to a prosecution and you will get a £100 gift card.

I, Daniel Sam Volunteer have launched a new campaign to encourage Merthyr residents to report fly-tippers to make them pay for their crimes.

The scheme encourages Merthyr residents who spot fly-tippers to report the offender via a confidential e-form. Information collected from the e-form will be forwarded to the council’s fly-tipping department to peruse a prosecution. A £100 We Love Merthyr gift card will be gifted to those who report offenders following a successful prosecution. I want to put a stop to fly-tipping and I need your help to catch the offenders to make the Merthyr Borough a more cleaner and safer place to live. 

How does it work?

Step 1

A fly-tipping e-form is filled in and information regarding the offence is securely forwarded to Merthyr County Borough Council’s Fly-tipping Department.

Step 2

Merthyr CBC’s Environmental Crime team will investigate. They aim to do this within 24 hours.

Step 3

The Environmental Crime team will visit the fly-tip to investigate and gather evidence. Once they have done this they will arrange for the fly-tip to be cleared (if on council land.)

Step 4

The evidence will be reviewed by the Environmental Crime team in order to pursue a prosecution. If a prosecution is successful, a £100 gift card will be issued to the individual who made the report.