Do you know where your waste is going?


About Me

Hello, I’m Daniel Lewis. I’m a 19-year-old volunteer working to stamp out fly-tipping in the Merthyr Borough.

Back in January 2021, I was with my parents driving over the Merthyr & Gelligaer Common on my way home. As we were driving on the mountain roads, I became disheartened at the sight of fly-tipped waste everywhere. So, I decided to take action. I spent my early days clearing the rubbish alone and paying for disposal costs through pocket money and savings but inspired businesses soon rushed to support my cause by helping to pay to clean up over 40+ tonnes of illicitly dumped waste and by helping to fund a massive solar CCTV network which operates 24/7 across main roads and fly-tipping hotspots on the Merthyr & Gelligaer Common to deter potential fly tippers and to pursue a prosecution should someone still decide to fly tip their waste.

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste and it is a crime punishable by up to a £50,000 fine or imprisonment.

Everyone has a legal ‘duty of care’ to ensure your household or business waste is disposed of correctly. You can be prosecuted even if your waste is fly tipped by someone else on your behalf. It can be as small as a single bag to as big as an entire truck load of rubbish.

If it’s your waste, it’s your responsibility.